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NY rocks tv
                             Phil Fiumano 


  My Story goes like this my name is Phil Fiumano born in Brooklyn NY 

I am a TV Producer & Host of New York Rocks TV Show Cinematographer & Cameraman & Final Cut Pro Video Editor /  Graphic Person also a Digital Photographer. 

I was born the youngest of three children on December 17, 1963. 
My parents exchanged the trappings of downtown Brooklyn to raise me in what was then the suburbs of New York - Staten Island. While my grandparents remained Brooklynites me with my family started a new beginning it was 1964 in a new world - in more ways than one. 

After all, The Beatles had just arrived and within the next decade much of the world was about to change & in having seen a Kiss Poster in my cousin's home & I became a huge Kiss Fan it was 1975 and hearing the band & Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley speak and mention that anything you want to do or be in life you can make it happen, as in life and as they did by believing in there dreams so then , I started to believe in my own dreams .

While having been bitten by the artistic bug, in the late 70's early 80's when I attended Tottenville High School in Staten Island NY where, I majored in Graphic Arts and Photography subsequently graduated the CMA Center of Media Arts in Manhattan for Television Production I had served with the District Attorney's Office in Brooklyn in the Media Department and spent several years working with a local video production companies to now running & own besides working with the media with the Aquarian Weekly Music Entertainment Weekly Newspaper and in an effort to capitalize on my experience and expand my horizons, I sought after and received certification as an Independent Television Producer/Host Cameraman & Video Editor in Manhattan Community TV & other local community tv channels for over 18 teen yrs. 

Being a cinematographer, producing and editing videos and manning the video camera in a never-ending quest to capture the moment I also specializes in computer graphics techniques as well and I feel that it provides the finishing touches and attention to detail are critical to my work as the president and owner of Dream On Studio Productions New York Rocks TV . I preside over all facets of my work, including my own website! But it doesn't stop there cause now.

Currently today I've been Hosting & Producing / Cameraman and video editor for over 18 yrs for a Weekly Cable TV show called New York Rocks TV it’s available on You Tube /NYRockstv Vimeo/ NYRockstv Facebook / NYRockstv or Phil Fiumano & it also streams on my website

I named NY Rocks TV after New York in memory of the 9/11 victims. I came up with the idea because of the legacy of our city and that we will go on living to be strong, proud and positive & we should think of life as a gift from God and we should cherish our loved ones that we lost that day." - Thank You Phil Fiumano